Miss Elizabeth Gardner

I worked with Meoka while preparing to compete for Miss Texas 2013. This was my 4th year competing for Miss Texas, and every year I try to figure out what I need to improve on so that I can do better. This year I realized that I wanted to take my fitness to the next level. I began working with Meoka 4 times a week for a month and immediately saw amazing results. She challenged me and pushed me to fitness levels I never thought I could reach. The best part about my experience was that Meoka is trained in dance, certified in Pilates, and a fitness model, so she was able to help me in every aspect of competition.

My talent was dancing, so during my sessions Meoka made sure to do dance conditioning and stretching with me, so that I would be physically prepared to perform onstage. Having Meoka as a trainer was what I needed going to Miss Texas. She not only worked on my fitness, but she made sure my posture was correct, so that I could show by body at its best on stage. Out of all my years competing for Miss Texas, this is the first time that I made the Top 15, and not only did I make Top 15, I placed 6th place overall out of 48 girls! Having a trainer as supportive and motivating as Meoka is important for those trying to get in shape, and I thank her for her support and encouragement that pushed me to be the best I could be!

Miss Southeast Texas 2013
Elizabeth Gardner