Men Benefit From Pilates Too!

Pilates has benefited me in several ways, Pilates is not only a refreshing mind-body workout, it helps me become more in tune with my body’s specific needs and lays a perfect foundation for whatever sport I am about to tackle.

Here are three ways that Pilates has benefited me and my life!!!

  •  Pilates has helped lengthen my muscles and, in turn, increased my flexibility so I can participate in many more activities at the age of 41. By doing the natural, full body movements of Pilates, I have gained lean muscles in place of bulky muscles which are often prone to injury caused by lack of flexibility and elasticity. I have also gained muscle mass that has helped my strength and speed as well as managed a healthy long term weight loss. Pilates has increased my tendon, bone and ligament strength which is vital for my movement and flexibility.
  •  Pilates has helped strengthen my core. A strong core is essential for balance and stability. In fact, having a strong and flexible core has helped with almost everything that I do from weightlifting to maintaining good posture especially while sitting at my desk at work. Pilates really focuses on core work which has helped stabilize my spine and prevent injury from the daily wear and tear of my active lifestyle.
  •  Pilates has improved my sports performance. I have found that the exercises and conditioning of my body, has helped even my ankles and feet, which contributes to a healthy balance. Doing the same core workouts everyday has helped me with my flexibility and has made me fell like I am 31 not 41!!!

I owe all this wonderful new knowledge and healthier lifestyle to Meoka Pilates!!!

Dominic Hernandez
Volunteer Coach at St. John's School
(Varsity Baseball)